LAKELAND, FL, DECEMBER 13, 2013 – Wall Foss Financial today announced they are changing their name to Wall Titus and undergoing a complete rebranding. The revision adds Bob Titus’s name to the firm’s title, and the change is effective immediately.

“Bob and I have been partners for fifteen years, and getting his name on the sign has been a long time coming,” said founding partner Lee Wall. “Our accounting and wealth management business has evolved so much in the past few years that it seems only natural to align our brand with the evolution of our firm.”

The name change is the initial step in the rebranding process; many aesthetic changes will be coming in the near future as they work towards a more unified, encompassing brand and corporate vision. These changes will work to simplify the client experience, first by combining both the Wall Foss Advisors and Wall Foss Financial websites.

Bob Titus has been an unrecognized partner on the accounting side of the firm for multiple years. In an effort to become a more comprehensive financial firm, both Wall and Titus will now have name recognition in the title of the firm, which provides accounting, consulting, and wealth management services.

“Certainly the recognition of having your name on the door is gratifying, however it will remain business as usual for me,” said Bob Titus. “I will continue to be very involved with our clients and their needs. The tax code is constantly changing and evolving, and I will remain diligent in leaving no stone unturned to assist our clients.”

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